Staff Trainings

9 & 12 Day Camp Specific

Online: Staff Training will be emailed

July 14: Staff Training @

             Camp Shantituck

(attendance required for all volunteers)

Not Day Camp Specific

We highly recommend attending Outdoor Training Weekend in May. Visit MY GS for more information.

(We would like all volunteers to have Camp-in A & B training; Please take Camp-Out if possible.) 


Visit the GSK website for additional outdoor trainings.

NOTE: Volunteers are not placed in the same unit with their child. We will only make an exception for camper medical needs. 


Camp Aides

Camp Aides (also known as Program Aides or Teen Mentors) are teen volunteers that work at camp all week.


1. Entering 9th grade-College

2. Completed a Day Camp AIT or MIT program

3. Attend training on July 14, 2019.

4. Must be at camp 1 hour before and 1 hour after camp Mon-Fri (7:30am-5:30pm), and stay overnight on Sun, Wed, and Thurs (all week strongly preferred).

Did you know? By working at camp, Camp Aides complete 40 hours of service that can be applied to Girl Scout awards (such as Service to Girl Scouting) or other service requirements.

Adult Volunteers


All day camp staff are volunteers who give their time freely so that interested girls may attend.

Volunteering at camp is great fun, and an opportunity for you to have a positive impact on girls' lives.

Do you have some time you can give to camp?

Our camp is looking for volunteers to help provide this wonderful experience for girls. We are limited in size by the number of volunteers willing to help out. No experience is required. Lots of adults, with various skills and levels of experience, are needed. Volunteers are provided with all training and information she or he will need to provide a safe and fun environment at camp.

Help us protect you and your camper! Here at GSK, the health and safety of our girls is our top priority.

All camp volunteers must be members of the Girl Scouts and complete a criminal background check. To sign-up, please visit our website at www.gskentuckiana.org and click on the Volunteer button below the picture. Membership is $25 and expires on September 30th of the current troop year. Once you complete your membership registration, you will receive an email with directions on how to submit your criminal background check. This background check costs $8 and is good for three years. Please contact GSK for more information on the background check. 1-800-771-5170.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone! Mom, dad, family friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, college students, or anyone with an interest. We welcome all adults age 18-180!

Volunteer Opportunities

Unit Leaders and Co-Leaders make up the majority of our volunteers, and our greatest need is volunteers who can work all five days of camp. Leaders guide 10-20 girls through their daily activities. The number of girls we can accept at camp is directly linked to how many leaders we have volunteer. You do not need to be a Girl Scout leader to be a unit leader.


We also utilize special skill and program adults who come out to camp to teach the girls. In the past, we've had volunteers teach the girls acting, golf, creek exploring, fishing, magic, history, and more.


Trained instructors are always a need as well. Contact us if you are certified in archery, canoe, caving, etc.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Aside from all the fun memories you will make and the positive impact you will have on girls' lives, there are other benefits to volunteering. A camper who registers with an adult volunteer is given preference, so she is guaranteed a place in camp (applies to on-time registration with complete paperwork and payment).  Adult volunteers working all five days will receive a partial refund for one camper she or he has at camp (appx $50) and a free camp shirt. Refund will not be issued before July 19, 2019. All volunteers will receive a camp patch. Free bus transportation is available for all volunteers.

Can I bring my other children to camp?

We offer a Boy unit and a Pixie unit for the children of volunteers. Boys and pixies get a camp shirt and patch, and they participate in camp activities. The Pixie unit is for toilet-trained boys and girls who are 3 years old to entering Kindergarten. The Boy unit is for boys who are entering 1st grade to 6th grade. Boys and Pixies may only be at camp on the day(s) that their adult volunteer is at camp.  Not allowed at camp: Children in diapers/pull-ups and boys 12-17 years old.

Boy/Pixie Fee: $15 

Volunteer Cancellation Policy

We understand that situations can change and there are times a volunteer can no longer be at camp. Please notify us as early as possible about any changes to your volunteer days! Volunteers are responsible for finding an appropriate replacement volunteer to take his or her place at camp and inform us of the change as soon as possible. This camp accepts campers based on the number of volunteers signed up in April, and volunteer cancellations place a great hardship on the camp. The following system will be used for volunteer cancellations:

  • Volunteer cancels before priority registration is closed: Their camper's reservation is changed to reflect that she is not with a volunteer. This may put the camper on the waiting list. All fees are refunded if camp is full.
  • Volunteer cancels before late registration is closed: Their camper's original reservation is also cancelled, and the camper's new reservation is considered a late registration. This may put the camper on the waiting list. A refund will be issued if camp is full, but the $15 processing fee is not refunded.
  • Volunteer cancels after late registration is closed:  Their camper's original reservation is also cancelled. Details concerning camper attending camp and refund will be at the discretion of the camp director.
  • Volunteer does not fulfill commitment ("no show"): The following year, they will not be able to register their camper for camp until the late registration period.  

Contact the Camp Director if you have any questions about how you can volunteer.